Examples of the different Types of

Conservation & Restoration Work that we have done


Below are some of the different types of artwork that our Studio has completed within the past year or so.

We are trying to show the different examples of art work that we are capable of handling so you may judge if we might be able to help you.

Before and after photos are shown along with comments for each example.


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Types of Conservation and Restoration projects we have completed



This Project was previously attempted by another Restorer

Large Folio Best 50 Currier and Ives print, Home to Thanksgiving

Print had after cleaning by another restorer, some still visible staining,

loss of original coloring and gum arabic along with a ph under 7.0


Completed print was neutralized, flattened, highlight and gum arabic

applied along with  buffered and stabilizing the fianal procedure.  

This lovely print was Conserved and Restored back to its original beauty.  Print was matted and framed by us.  Client was pleased and so was the customer who purchased it from the dealer.


Sepia toned etchings after Samuel Chamberlain


Samuel Chamberlain Etching.

Small folio etching with mat burn, foxing and overall toning from acidic old mat with tape stains.  Print was dry cleaned, fumigated, neutralized and cleaned with stabilizing and buffered to treat the acidity and brought up to ph of 7.0+


Faneuil Hall - Boston  72/100 ed.

pencil signed Samuel Chamberlain etching which is stabilized, cleaned and neutralized.


Very Small Black and White engraving



Staining and foxing were reduced and paper neutralized and the final print was flattened and ready for new archival mat and framing.


Black and White Lithograph




Foxed and stained Raphael Soyer limited and signed lithograph was clenaed, neutralized and print stabilized and flattened.

Very large Black and White Engraving




Typical of early framing is the old wood backboard used which over time caused harmful acidity and what is know as back-board stains which have bleed thrugh.  On this print was also a small tear that extended into the image.




The print was engraved by C.W. Sharp, is a after a painting by William P. Frith (1819-1909) called, "Ramsgate Sands".  The print dates to 1859.

This print was cleaned, deacidified, neutralized and stabilized for the harmful paper acidity caused by the old backboards.  The tear was repaired and colored out to blend into the engraving.


Hand Colored C&I Lithograph, large folio.

Currier and Ives print, Life of A Hunter - Catching a Tartar

Print was mounted to board, had several tears and was stained, very acidic and had tape stain glue showing thru the image from verso.

Currier and Ives print, Life of A Hunter - Catching a Tartar

After successful demounting, cleaning and tear repairs plus color enhancment and addition of gum arabic, this print was neutralized and stabilized to a decent collector quality image for years of enjoyment.


Hand colored Medium folio Lithograph


Typical print backed in a period frame for years with old pine boards and transferred staining, toning and acidity to a nice print.


The print was dry cleaned to reduce and get out the old smoke, debris and soot from coal stove.  Print was cleaned and deacidified and neutralized with buffered material which stabilizes the prints acidity.

Currier and Ives print - The Old Homestead


McKenney and Hall Indian Tribes of North America




Prints were cleaned, neutralized, colored, matted and framed.

Pastell and pencil drawing on paper


Small Pencil drawing, signed Jean Charlot  '33 which was taped to acidic mat with burn anong with a few small tears and low ph of paper.

 Dry cleanded, removal of the tape, cleaned print and Reduced staining, repaired tears, deacidified drawing and flattened print.

Drawing's acidity was reduced to safe level of Ph. 7.0  and buffered so the final finished piece is now safely stabilized for years to come.

Architectual Drawing with hand coloring


Architectual Print with drawing and hand coloring.

Reduced staining, dry cleaned, repaired some minor tears

and flattened print.  Paper acidity reduced to safe level of Ph. 7.0  

Old acidic mat was also removed.




 Audubon Elephant folio -  Robert Havell Edition


Audubon Havell Edition print, #402, sometimes called "Five Alcids" dated 1838 was generally in good condition.  Deacidified, dry cleaned, enhanced  

the original coloring of bird's beak and flattened cockled corners.   Paper acidity was reduced to safe level of Ph. 7.0  entire print buffered and flattened.


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Studio located in:   Marblehead, MA


Art  Conservator  and  Paper  Restorations

Rob Kipp
20 Maverick Street
Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945-2220


781-631-5035  -Studio       E-mail Rob Kipp


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