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Restoration Service Request Form

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Return Address Should be Street Address) for Large items sent via UPS.  PO is fine for smaller items.

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Normally, a deposit is not needed.  Payment in full before returning completed work plus shipping/Insurance costs. We accept payment by personal check or money order and PayPal. Please indicate method of payment below.

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All Work is started and completed per our:
Acceptance and Completion of clients Restoration work.  Once you have read this form and agree to proceed, please sign and date with your acceptance and approval.

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Please send this signed form along with your work to:


Old Print Restorations / Rob Kipp
20 Maverick Street
Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945-2220


 781-631-5035  -  Studio      E-mail Rob Kipp


We suggest that you send your item to us via an insured, traceable means, such as UPS insured or insured mail.  If you have questions, please contact us at the phone number shown above.  Please allow 6 months or more for Conservation and Restoration processing time.  Time required is dependant upon sunlight and how difficult the items are ahead of your order are.     Thank you.    Rob Kipp