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Sending Prints for Evaluations and Estimates -
Please e-mail Restorations  me when you are sending artwork for evaluations and estimates of restoration.  Your  e-mail address  can be used to follow-up with notifying you when your items arrive and sending you information of proposed restorations for each piece.


Conservation and Restoration Work & Estimates -
Print out and complete the Order - Request  form and include it with your artwork.  Order Form. You will be informed when it arrives.
Please allow 6 to 12 months for for completion of your work, once the work estimates are approved.  All estimates have a +/- 10% range for all work and services.


Packaging and Shipping Your Artwork -
We have provided  a page of useful information and notes on properly packaging your prints so that they arrive safely.


Payments -
Orders are shipped upon receipt of full (cleared) payment.   We have no charge accounts.  Museums and Institutions are billed according to their requirements or net 30 days.  Prices quoted, do not include available rag matting or the shipping and any insurance charges if requested.


All work follows our guidelines as outlined in our Acceptance and Completion document.  First order is payable in full prior to starting work.  Additional work is 50% payment upon acceptance of estimate and balance payable prior to shipping or upon receipt of completed work. Established clients pay a 50% deposit upon approval of estimates with balance due before shipping or at time of picking up completed work.  Museums have 30 day privileges, galleries are payment upon receipt or completion of work.  Thank you!




Studio located in:   Marblehead, MA


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Rob Kipp
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