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Here is what our customes say about our Conservation and Restoration work.




Rob-    Thank you! I received the prints and they are beautiful. Thank you for your great work!!

E F -  MO  -  2017

 What can I say? Absolutely perfect work. Really love these two . Thank you so much. Will have check in the mail for you tomorrow morning. So nice of Jenny to think of me. Please give her my regards. Hope you are well.

Best Regards,        ML NJ.

Mr Kipp-  Received the print today. You did a great job on this C&I. I am most pleased. Thanks.
A.J.L.  N.C. -  2017

Rob,     The print you restored looks amazing.  I never thought it would come out so well, Thank you !!!  Louise E.R. MA  2017


 Rob,     May I say your work looks just excellent.   Best Regards,   ML  NJ  2017



Thanks Rob,     Your work looks great.  Thank you.   Phil  M. Mass   2017


Dear Rob,
The print has arrived, and I am so pleased with your work. I'm stunned at the difference, frankly. It's amazing. Thank you for helping me to preserve a little bit of Irish history.

Thank you, very much. I look forward to working with you again.

Be well & good,   Cher S.       NS. Canada  2017

 Well, I picked up the work yesterday and I must say you did a truly outstanding job. The two Curriers alone are terrific, but the transformation you brought about on the small watercolor is just amazing. Rob, I must thank you. I should have the two medium folios, Snap Apple Night and The Cat Nap off to you sometime next week. By the way, I will have a check off to you in tomorrow morning's mail. Thanks again Rob.

Best Regards,

  Mark L.
   NJ  2017

Hi Rob-  Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on my Marblehea Map.  I love it.  Sincerely,  B.MacD. MA  2017 

 Hi Rob-  Thanks for the great work-  Will enjoy it for a "Lifetime".  Katy G. NY  2016 

Hi Robb,                    I picked up the prints from the post office this morning. Thanks for a wonderful job. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to have you restore my prints for me.

                 Sincere Thanks, Kevin  C.  MI

thanks Rob...it was worth the wait. Beautiful job!

Steve L.  MA  2016

Hi Rob,     Thanks again.  Beautiful job, well done.  Will be in touch soon with more work.  ML  -  NJ  2016

Rob, artwork arrived today safely - it looks great - we are thrilled with the results of your restoration- thank you so much!

Rob R.  2016

Rob, I’m so excited to see it. I can’t believe how good it looks! Again, thank you for saving the squirrels! -  The squirrels arrived last week and they look fantastic!  Vicky

Rob Kipp is a passionate and dedicated print restorer.  It comes through when you meet him and definitely when he has completed the work.  We brought an old, water stained, wrinkled, tired print to Rob and he patiently brought it back to life.  

I would recommend his services to anyone who is serious about preserving history.  It was well worth the time and money."

Best Regards,    G.J.   -  MA  2016

 Thank you Rob - the map looks great!  Really Pleased.  We will be sending you a check ASAP. Best regards,   LT  -  MA  2015 

 The prints arrived safely and the work you did is sensational. I am very happy and thank you very much. Actually I have a version of "Clipper ship Sweepstakes" which is a nice print, a fairly strong impression with hand coloring and full margins. The coloring in the sky looks somewhat unusual to me so I'm thinking of Max Williams. Either way I think it is worthy of restoration and would like to send it up to you together with a Currier small folio "America". I should have it off in a few days providing I have supplies large enough to pack the prints.

 If you don't mind I will send payment the old fashioned way and will have a check in tomorrow's mail. Thanks again for your great work.

  Best Regards,       ML  -  NJ    2015

Hi, Rob,

Poster arrived yesterday in great shape. Excellent job of packing as well. Very pleased with results.  Hope to do more restorations in future. 

Do I still owe you extra money for shipping and insurance?  If so, I will send you a check. 

Regards,    Jeff.     CA - 2015

Mr. Kipp,

The Glorious First of June print arrived on schedule.  You were correct, I am very pleased with the results of your restoration.  What a difference over its condition when I purchased it last August.  

Thank you for helping to preserve a unique piece of history.  I hope that we can do business again in the future.  MM - RI - 2015

Dear Rob:

Ireceived the Audubon print that you restored for me, and am thrilled by the results.  Your work is outstanding!  I will send any future prints that need work to you, and will recommend you to anyone that needed similar restoration.

Thank you for such superb work on my print.  Sincerely,   AR  CA    2014


Dear Rob, I am so pleased with my maps. You did such a beautiful job! I never hought they would clean up so well and show so much color. Plus they're whole again. I love them. The sentimental value is unsurpassed. Thank you so much. JP  VT     2014

Hi, just a final thank you for the outstanding work you did in restoring our print! It was like a magician that turned a rag into a stunning garment!

Thanks again, BD  MA     2014

Hello Rob,    My Currier & Ives print arrived safely yesterday.  I am very pleased with the results.  I will certainly recommend you to others.


Cordially,  KT  MN      2014


Thank you, Rob.   They look great!     LW  MA      2014


Excellent work, Rob.  Much of it is amazing!  I expect to have more after things settle down later in the fall or this winter.  I'm especially amazed at how you were able to remove toning virtually completely on some of the Hiroshige prints.   


Best.  TS  NJ      2014

Dear Rob,  

The Trunk label is beyond words- perfect.  I am so glad that "you" saved it.  Amazing job.  The graphics, the history and my grandfatehres handwriting in name.  Thank you so much.  

Yours, B.W.  MA       2014

 What can I say. Truly excellent work, on all the prints. The creases in "The Express Train" have disappeared. And I cannot believe you were able to remove the creosote from "The American Hay Tedder" The way you did.A miracle. The entire piece far exceeds   any hopes I had for it. Payment was mailed yesterday, sio it should arrive shortly.  Thanks again for your excellent work. I will contact you in the new year about one or two more which require your attention.
M.L.  NY


Hello Rob,  Thank you it looks lovely.  I will put a check in today's mail to address provided on invoice.  K.  IN


Hi Rob,    Work done on my 4 Robi prints is very nice.  I am pleased and thank you.  D.P.  MA


Hi Rob,         The prints just arrived and they look fantastic. I don’t know how you do it but they have been transformed, especially the Squid Fishermen and the Cesco’s Inn which were really brown and grimy. I can’t thank you enough. Hope the check reaches you today. I will let you know about the exhibition as it nears. Thanks for making a contribution to it. I know that the etchings will look fabulous on display.   Best wishes,  A. McG.  MA


Hello Rob,  just had a chance to look at your work.  Your workmanship is unbelievable.  I can't even find the sections in which the holes have been repaired.  I'm a very happy customer and can't wait to see how my Daniel Webster print comes out.  Thanks again,  J.M.  MA


Hi Rob,    I just picked up my Smith and Ben Shawn etchings.  What a difference.  I know with mounting and stainging they were not easy pieces to do.              Thank you, I am very pleased.  B.C.  MA


Hi Rob,    The portriat and letter look very nice, they came out better than I had hoped for.  Very nice work, I am pleased and thank you.  J.P.  MA


Hello Rob,    Great work on my three Fred Cozzins pirnts, the are back in their frames and look great.  Thank you.  S.S.  MA


Hi Rob,    Very nice work on my watercolor in removing the foxing.  Very nice work.  K.K.  MA


Hello Rob,    I finally got down to Gene's Gallery today and saw the 9 etchings in there new state - Cinderella came to mind.  The restoration and especially the subtle coloring really made them come alive.  I was terribly pleased!  Thank you for your artistry.  B.H.  MA


Hello Rob,    I got the print last night.  It looks spectacular!  What a terrific job you did!  I was always fascinated by the process of paper restoration

                  or any restoration for that matter.  I just love paper.  All the best.  O.P.  MA


Hello Rob,    Received the Curriers this evening.  I am pleased, Thanks.  A.L., NC


Hello Rob,        They arrived today, thank you for a great job.  Now to the framer for an archival job there.  I will make the frames.  Sincerely,  S.F.,  NJ


Dear Rob,    The print arrived in perfect shape and you've done a fantastic job in reviving General Putnam to his bold course and purpose. I suppose the                  highest compliment to a restoration (from a lay person) is that it appears as its original self, not a bit over done, just where it wants to be.                   Thanks.    Sincerely,  Bill W., MA

Dear Mr. Kipp,
                    I just wanted to let you know that my prints arrived safely and I am astounded by just how good they turned out. I really want to let you know that I appreciate how much hard work went into the restoration and thank you very much for the fine job.  Now if I can only find more space on my wall!
  Sincerely,  Gary K.  NY

Thanks Rob,  Very, Very nice job.  Mark L.  NJ

Hello Rob,  My print arrived today and looks simply beautiful.  I am so happy that the staining and mat burn were conserved and restored.  Off to my framer to have your work properly matted and framed.  Thank you for doing such nice work.  Marian G.  Salem, MA

Hi Rob,  The coloring of the bill of the middle bird is perfect (Elephant folio Havell Ed. J.J. Audubon 1837) - just what I was hoping to achieve!

Thanks for your hard work on this and for getting it done so promptly!     Dave B. - LosAngeles, CA

Hi Rob,  I am very happy with my 1859 print, engraved by C.W. Sharp.  It came out just fine and looks nice back in its original frame.  Nick S.  Salem, MA

Rob,  Print arrived today. . . (Soyer print)  terrific job . . .  worth the wait.  Thank you.  Michael S.  -  Royal Oak, MI

Rob,  Very nice work and it looks so much better than I could have hoped for.  Very pleased, thank you.  Gene A.  -  Marblehead, MA

Hi Rob,  i just recd my (Jean Charlot, dated 1933) and am thoroughly pleased.  Thank you!   You will be seeing more from Hawaii! aloha, Joyce O. Honolulu, Hawaii

Hi Rob -  I just recieved my Architectual print in the mail.  It looks so much better than it did before. I'm very pleased with your work!   Thanks for doing such a good job.

Val C.  -  Somers, NY

Rob -  I thank you for delivering the final print to my customer.  He said that he is completely pleased and I thank you for doing such a wonderful job on both the Conservation

and restorations plus the matting and framing.  Sid A.  -  Silver Spring,  MD


 Thank you for your excellent work. I am very happy to have my poor "Old Kentucky Home" safe and sound, and back in one piece. It must have been difficult. That leaves the C&I "View From Peekskill", and the Cozzens watercolor. Should I be looking for them, or did they miss the cut-off. Either way is fine. I should have a shipment of at least five mailed by Friday.     Take good care of yourself and stay well. Thanks very much. 


The Boydell Lear engraving arrived safely yesterday, and I couldn't be more pleased!  When I sent the print, I was hoping you could help a bit with the damage,

but I had no idea how successful you could be.  It looks wonderful, and the line engraving even looks sharper without all that age-toning and whatever else was going on.  Thank you for the splendid work.  You say you hope I enjoy the engraving for years to come, and I guarantee I shall.  It will surely be a family heirloom, and, as I said, I'm astonished that you can reverse those water stains and years of wear and am most grateful to have had your services.  I love this piece, and it's taken me years to find one (one that I could afford, anyway).  Buying a piece in need of some care and hiring you turned out to be the perfect combination!  

  Best to you, --Bob McDonald 

It just arrived and I am delighted with the result.  Thank you. I have a few other pieces I would like to send along, and will do so when I liberate them from their old matting etc.  Hope that’s okay.  Paul J.              Novato, CA                    Artwork:  Original Levon West etching 


I received the print yesterday and I am very pleased, it came out as I hoped it would. It looks terrific, you did a great job preserving the original color which is so important. You also did a great job on the framing,  it looks very nice. I also appreciate the extra effort you put in on the packing for shipment. Your check is in the mail today. Thank again.

Mark D.             Greer, SC                      Artwork:  Original Currier & Ives lithograph 

The Kirmse etchings look great!  I'm very pleased….Thanks again.  Best regards, Jay  

Jay H.               Grosse Point, MI            Artwork:  Original Kirmse etchings 

Hi Jenny, I left a phone message for you the day that we received the Cassatt and said that it is perfect. Thank you so much!  Warm regards,

Laurie Swenson             Laguna Beach, CA         Artwork:  Original Mary Cassatt print (drypoint, soft ground, and aquatint on paper)

Hi Jenny,

 The print arrived safely (amazing packing job) last week. It looks great, what a difference.  Thank you for doing such a good job with it.

 All the best,    Sam  -      Artwork  J.J. Audubon Bien  

“Jenny, The piece is safely here and looks wonderful. You do great work. I'm sure we will have more pieces in the future and hopefully not the tight timeframe. Thanks for staying on top of the shipping issue.”
Ani     La Jolla, CA                        Artwork:  Lithograph by Joan Miro, Limited Edition Print

 “Hello Jenny, I received the shipment with the restored Gould’s yesterday.  I am very pleased with the way they came out and I wish to thank you for doing such a great job.  Please forward your phone number as I have two people interested in contacting you regarding restoration work.  Thanks. Happy Holidays”
 Ken W.               Ferrum, VA                       Artwork:   John Gould

“Jenny;  I got them today.  They look wonderful!!  I am so pleased, you truly didn't change the age at all..just cleaned.  Thank you..you will get others.
Sandy T.              Brownsboro, AL                Artwork:  17th Century French Engravings

 “The Bison arrived yesterday. It looks great, the tear is hardly noticeable! Thanks for your work!”
Gary B.                 Stillwater, MN                   Artwork:  J.J Audubon Octavo Edition

 “Hi Jenny,  Just to let you know we are quite pleased with the work you did on the Highland Spring lithograph - wish we could look that good at 125!”
Terry H.

 “ I received the cleaned and restored "Dun otter Castle" print today and I was amazed at the transformation.  I have to tell you that I am very pleased with the results.  I wouldn't have guessed that anyone could do much for a print in such a sorry state, but you certainly rose to the occasion!  Thanks again for you fine work.  I will certainly recommend your restoration services to others.”
Robert F.              Mt. Pleasant, MI

 “ Hello Jenny, The restored prints arrived this afternoon and I am pleased more than I thought possible. Your work is excellent. I have never had prints restored before and I sent you the most difficult ones feeling if they didn't work out there was little loss. These are beautiful with no color loss! I have about 20-30 more prints that are not quite as bad that I would like to get restored and I hope you might be willing to do them. I wouldn't be able to send them all at once and but could send 5-8 at a time if you are interested. Please let me know. Regardless, I want to thank you Very Much for the work you did.”  Sincerely,
Kevin C.   Negaunee, MI                    Artwork:  McKenney & Hall 

“ I received the prints Monday evening 10/23/00, and I was very pleased with the work you did to restore these prints. I will definitely use you again and I will recommend your work to others in this area that requires this type of service.  The prints turned out much better than I expected. Thank you again, it was greatly appreciated.”
Sally D.                Angleton, TX 

“Jenny--the prints arrived today.  You did a terrific job -- they look almost unrecognizable!  Thank you Thanks—Bob”
Bob G.   Andover, MA      Artwork:  JJ Audubon, Bien Edition

“Hello, Jenny:  I am thrilled with the outcome.  I sent you a thank you note a couple of days ago, it should reach you directly.  You'll read this again, but even knowing how

good your work is, I was still amazed at the quality of "Old Hours."  It's at the framers as we speak.  Have a great day.:”
Kathy L.               Big Pine Key, FL 

“ The print looks great!!!  I received it a while ago but have not had a chance to communicate to you because of work. Sorry for the delay!!  Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference in the future, should you need one.  Thanks again.”
Mark M.              Arlington, VA                   Artwork:  Geographical Map 

“My Dear You Are A Genius!!!!!  You certainly did a terrific job and I wish I'd been a fly on the wall to see how this has been accomplished.  No wrinkle...No tear....exquisite color....I am SOOooooo pleased. I had been putting this off for many years and just prayed I would be lead in the right direction.  I have another smaller Audubon and a couple of Gould’s that need help too, so you will be hearing from me again soon.  Thanks again Jenny, I feel as though I have made a friend.”
Virginia R.          Hiawassee, GA                   Artwork:  JJ Audubon, Bien Edition

“ We have received the print safe and sound and, just like you said, it looks fantastic!   From time to time, I peek at it and am amazed all over again.  Thank you for the great job of packing also.  That print never knew it had been moved.   Eleanor couldn't believe that I rolled it up initially but evidently no damage was done.  As we indicated initially, in the event of a satisfactory job, we would be glad to be used for reference, if you like.  Since the print looks not just good but unbelievable, we will certainly be very glad to repeat that to anyone you might refer to us.  Thanks again!”
Tom A.                Birmingham,  AL              Artwork:  Havell Edition





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