Conditions of:  Acceptance and Completion for All Work

Restoration Work & Conditions and Liabilities.

Please advise us, in advance of transit, of any excessive value, rarity or problems with the condition of a particular item you are sending for treatments or estimate.  This will allow us to properly estimate and evaluate your work with your notes and  special instructions or request that you anticipate are needed.  Be sure that all of your requests are noted on your Customer Order Form and estimate.  While we do provide free on-line estimates based upon previous work, please understand that we must have your original item here for testing in order to  evaluate and estimate your work and its condition. This will allow us to properly estimate your work with the necessary steps for conservation or restoration.

We recommend using proper packing materials when sending a shipment.  Unframed items should be placed flat between foam core sheets, then interweave a substantial amount of flat cardboard, plastic, or masonite to build a non-flexible layer.  This will create a protective sleeve around the outside of your artwork.  From there an additional exterior carton may be required. The goal is to make use of your materials so that the final item is securely packed and that the item and carton can not be bent, crushed, shifted or punctured.  Your final carton should not exceed more than a few inches of the actual work.  Please avoid stuffing cartons with styrofoam peanuts if possible!  We do not advise sending any framed items.  All items should be mailed flat, avoid rolling your items by using mailing tubes.  Advise us when a package is being shipped so we can plan to accept it and to notify you and verify any estimates with you.  We prefer eMail, if possible as everything is then in writhing.

Upon receipt of your artwork, several tests will be made to evaluate each item and its condition. We will forward an estimate to you based upon the results of these tests and information that you have furnished. Thus you will be made aware of the planned and/or necessary work and its cost.  The estimate will include an overview of the artwork description, pre-existing condition, proposal for treatment and estimated cost.  Estimates will include all costs for materials, dry cleaning, sealing in colors and signatures, cleanings and stain reductions, Ph. and any additional restoration work needed for coloring, paper repairs or demounting.  Should you for any reason, not wish to go forward with our recommendations for conservation and/or restoration, your order will be returned promptly, freight collect. The normal time for completion should be no more than six to twelve month for completion, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  Extremely stained items, tears and demounting may require an additional time. Our process is completely dependent upon sunlight for cleaning and at times, overcast weather will delay our production (winter/spring months in particular).  Your understanding is appreciated as we can not 'push' any aspects of your work.

At any point, we may have to stop work in order to discuss with you possible solutions to an unforeseen problem. We ask that you be patient and allow us any additional time necessary to properly complete your order. You will be notified if it appears the amount of work required completing the project exceed the estimated amount by more than 10%.  At this point we will give you a revised estimate and you will have the option of deciding whether we should continue work on your item or return it to you in 'as is' condition. We cannot guarantee the final outcome of the work you have sent us.

Our liability for accidental damage, loss or other unforeseen acts, is limited to the amount of the actual charges or fees for services performed or estimated on your receipt.  For further coverage above this amount, please check with your homeowner's insurance or any art policy you may have.  Our liabilities will not replace or compensate you should a problem arise.  Work that is unclaimed; estimated or completed that is left here for over one year will be sold to pay for the work we have done without further recourse.

Museums, Institutions or individuals requiring written authorization: kindly notify us in advance of any documentation required, prior to the commencement of your estimate or work. Verbal authorization to commence work is permitted, only within these stated conditions.  Museums and galleries are billed according to their requirements, with prior notice. Payment is requested and expected upon receipt of completed items. Customers first order is payable before starting work or upon completion.  Additional work is 50% with acceptance of estimate and balance payable prior to shipping or upon receipt of completed order. Large orders may be returned as portions of your order are completed.   A finance charge of 1.75% a month (21% annual rate) will be applied to all past due amounts.  All accounts and work are payable upon completion of work.  Payment is expected in full prior to shipment.

When service is complete, return shipping and handling is at the customer's expense and is not referenced in the original estimate but will be reflected on the final invoice as we never know how large and what weight of carton will be nor if you decide to add insurance not requested initially.   Please make certain that you inform us of your preferences for return shipping such as special handling instructions, additional services and most importantly an insurance amount.  If you do not request insurance, we assume that your items are being covered against loss or damage by you homeowners or art policy; this is for work in transit and while in our studio.  These options are referenced on our Customer Order Form which is required to be enclosed with your original shipment.  We are not responsible for damaged, lost shipments or broken glass.


We are available to take your questions if you need further assistance.  Please feel free to write, e-mail or call us!


We appreciate your business and we respect your privacy!   We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information and never divulge who our clients are and what galleries or museums we do work for.  You can trust us to respect you and your work and thank you.





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